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How COVID-19 has been affecting our Healthcare Workers

“As supporters of medical professionals, we want to raise awareness and recognition of the key issues that are continuing to affect healthcare workers during COVID-19.” Nurses and other important healthcare workers are accustomed to emergencies and stress, to a certain degree. The adrenaline rush of working quickly on a patient is part of the jobContinue reading “How COVID-19 has been affecting our Healthcare Workers”

Scrubs for All Shapes & Sizes!

We’re all familiar with the most challenging part of shopping online…trying to figure out fit! Sure, there are sizing charts and we can tape our inseam and waist, but sometimes the difficulty has more to do with the actual shape of the clothing, rather than the volume of fabric. For those of you who need some shiny, new scrubs, I’m here to guide you through shopping, no matter what shape you are!


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