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How COVID-19 has been affecting our Healthcare Workers

“As supporters of medical professionals, we want to raise awareness and recognition of the key issues that are continuing to affect healthcare workers during COVID-19.” Nurses and other important healthcare workers are accustomed to emergencies and stress, to a certain degree. The adrenaline rush of working quickly on a patient is part of the job…

Scrubs for All Shapes & Sizes!

We’re all familiar with the most challenging part of shopping online…trying to figure out fit! Sure, there are sizing charts and we can tape our inseam and waist, but sometimes the difficulty has more to do with the actual shape of the clothing, rather than the volume of fabric. For those of you who need…

Antimicrobial Scrubs

(By: Karen Stockdale) What are they? What is the deal with antimicrobial fabrics?  How do they work, and more importantly, WHAT do they work against?  Calling all germophobes – this is your article! (Who ISN’T a germophobe by now, anyway?) Antimicrobial fabrics have been around for a few years, but infection preventionists everywhere are now…

Essential Guide to Men’s Scrubs

(By: Karen Stockdale) Often overlooked, but highly valued – let us just take a moment to give kudos to the male nurses out there. Sometimes called “murses”, man nurses, partners in the trenches. You know who you are! Nursing is not a profession defined by gender norms anymore! Today, 12% of registered nurses are men,…

The Best Heavy Duty Scrub Brands & Why You Need Them

(By: Tammy McKinney) Very few nurses are sitting behind desks, in comfy, temperature-controlled offices all day. In fact, most of us are busting our rumps as we navigate from patient to patient, through crowded rooms, dealing with a whole host of body fluids and substances. It’s during these days that we realize that our ultra-soft…


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All of My Favorite Scrubs!”

See what a registered nurse has to say about her favorite Scrub brands!

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