Trusted Vendors

Trusted vendors

Who to trust?

When it comes to buying the clothes YOU are going to be wearing all day everyday, people tend to have their favorites. Well considering nurses & doctors are the one’s wearing the uniforms & accessories, we decided to let our healthcare workers create our list of vendors.

Each of our trusted vendors are reputable organizations that all have a similar goal in mind: To provide medical professionals with clothing & accessories that put their needs first. Find large name vendors recognizable everywhere like Cherokee & smaller individual lines that just may take over the medical world!

Cherokee Brand Medical Uniforms


For over 45 years, Cherokee Uniforms has been making comfortable and durable work apparel, including scrubs. They offer various lines of all colors, sizes and fits. Also, all Cherokee designs are made along side a nationwide panel of nurses who offer feedback on new products and industry trends, to ensure the consumer’s receive uniforms made for comfort, durability and quality.

SP Exclusive Epic Scrubs

Epic – SP

Since 1975, Alko Distributors has been a leading off-price specialty retailer offering clothing and accessories for men and women in the Mid-Atlantic region. With an understanding of the the effort required from medical professionals, Epic endeavors to put forth that same effort in supporting the dedicated people who keep this nation healthy, active & Epic! Choose from a variety of collections each created to bring the perfect blend of comfort & functionality to medical professionals.

Dickies Medical brand


Starting off as an overalls manufacturer in 1922, Dickies has since gone on to become one of the largest workwear manufacturers in the world. They offer a wide variety of scrub collections such as Dynamix, Every Day Scrubs Signature, EDS Essentials, Gen Flex and Xtreme Stretch. For around 100 years Dickies has been experimenting with the correct fabrics for workwear outting emphasis on comfort, durability and functionality.

Grey's Anatomy by Barco

Grey’s Anatomy

From the loved tv drama, Grey’s Anatomy scrubs have been bringing a sense of style and professionalism since there release in 2007. They are made and produced by Barco Uniforms, a nearly century old uniform manufacturer that provides fashion and function in every line of scrubs. Since 2007 the brand has released 5 more lines of scrub uniforms!

Healing Hands brand

Healing Hands

Founded in 2008, Healing Hands was created for one purpose – To get rid of stiff, scratchy, ill-fitting, boxy uniforms! After suffering a massive heart attack at the age of 42, founder of Healing Hands stated, If these nurses are providing such wonderful patient care already, imagine the possibilities of better patient care, resulting from the happiness of wearing luxurious uniforms. Ones that make them feel good, look good, perform well, and require no ironing or extra care. I promised myself I’d do something to repay them.” 

Heartsoul Scrubs


From the conglomerate that brings you names like Dickies, Puma and Adidas comes heartsoul! With lines designed to make you look good and feel amazing, it’s no wonder women everywhere claim heartsoul as there favorite brand. Not only are their scrubs comfortable, but they feature flattering accents such as flared sleeves and tapered pant legs.

koi scrubs


Koi is an independent vendor that has dedicated themselves to Designing Happiness”. Offering 6 lines of Medical Uniforms, Koi has been working on creating a super soft stretch fabric that provides comfort all day long without ever compromising functionality and a look that is sure to turn heads! This amazing fabric is also wrinkle-resistant, ensuring a professional no matter the situation.

landau scrubs


Founded nearly 50 years ago, Landau has been practicing and perfecting the quality and feel of their uniforms. With half a century of experience in the Medical Uniform Market, the company has been taking strides deeper into the medical world constantly looking for ways to improve themselves for our healthcare professionals. They offer a wide variety of scrub lines for men and women, as well as protective apparel.

SP Exclusive Luv Scrubs

Luv Scrubs – SP

For functional scrubs that provide that professional look you have been searching everywhere for, look no further than Luv Scrubs! Women can flattering tops and pants created for style and comfort all day long. Don’t worry men Luv Scrubs offer a form fitting unisex series that provide comfort, mobility and style on the job!

SP Exclusive Pocketless Scrubs

Pocketless – SP

Also, from Luv Scrubs comes a new line of Pocketless Scrubs! “No pockets, no problems!” This line has been engineered with medical professionals who work in pharmaceutical and mental health industries in mind, to keep them comfortable & ready to work at a fraction of the price competitors offer.

wonderwink scrubs


When in need of scrubs that offer amazing comfort AND vibrant colors, stop by WonderWink! With a focus on the fresh, fun, and exciting essence of uniforms, the company has been constantly looking for ways to make medical professionals look and feel their best. While fashion has been their shtick since being founded, comfort and functionality have clearly become front-runners for attention at WonderWink.

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